How Serena Williams Almost Died

Serena Williams/
Serena Williams

23 –time Grand Slam Winner, Serena Williams had disclosed today that she would not be participating in this year’s Australian Open, where she was to defend her title.

She wrote: “My coach and team always said ‘only go to tournaments when you are prepared to go all the way’. I can compete – but I don’t want to just compete, I want to do far better than that and to do so, I will need a little more time. With that being said, and even though I am disappointed about it, I’ve decided not to compete in the Australian Open this year.

“The memory of last year’s Open is one that I will carry with me, and Olympia and I look forward to coming back again. I appreciate the support and understanding of my fans and everyone at the Australian Open.”

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Meanwhile, the Tennis star premiered her documentary on Wednesday, 2nd of May 2018 which chronicles Williams’ experience getting married and becoming a mother, along with the challenges she faced with the birth of her daughter, Alexis Olympia, in September.

Talking about how she almost lost her life in September 2017, when she gave birth to Olympia, she said:

“First my C-section wound popped open due to the intense coughing I endured as a result of the embolism. I returned to surgery, where the doctors found a large hematoma, a swelling of clotted blood, in my abdomen. And then I returned to the operating room for a procedure that prevents clots from traveling to my lung. When I finally made it home to my family, I had to spend the first six weeks of motherhood in bed. I can’t believe how much went wrong on my way to meeting her. I almost died. … But now, she’s the reason why this all means even more than it did before.”

On why we think the Tennis star pulled out from the Australian Open was deduced from her essay to CNN, which shows that she’s nursing some fears of not being able to be the best anymore as well as having to deal with anxiety.

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“Becoming a mom, I definitely feel the pressure, and I feel a little anxiety, Am I going to be a good mom, a strict mom, not strict enough? I don’t really know, so that anxiety has turned into nervousness and fear. … It’s the same attitude I have in tennis. There’s no escaping the fear — the fear that I might not come back as strong as I was, the fear that I can’t be both the best mother and the best tennis player in the world.”