Dead-miracle/mediabox247.comA man simply identified as Miracle, has allegedly died during a cult initiation in Obanliku Local Government Area of Cross River State. The incident was said to have happened on December, 27th, 2018 according to reports. Four persons have already been arrested by the police in connection to the initiation gone wrong. Gory picture of the young man, a native of Bayanung, Basang Clan, who had died in the course of his initiation rites of the fraternity had woken the the Council Headquarters residents in Sankwala, at the early hours of December, 28th. Severe cuts to his body and head has reportedly been the cause of Miracle’s death. The police of Obanliku Divisional Police Headquarters, Sankwala, has arrested Four persons in connection to the initiation and has transferred the case to the State Criminal Investigation Department Headquarters, at Diamond Hills, Calabar. Those arrested included an Evangelist, whose nephew was involved in the initiation rituals and unknown to him, the boy came around and passed the night in his uncle’s house, only for the Evangelist to know what transpired the night before.